The Sulema Band

The ensemble has been playing and performing together for several years, during which time a loyal core of fans have gathered around the band
The band members are a diverse group of artists from varied musical backgrounds, with each one contributing different effects . The composition materials are a melting pot of all these influences – from Rock through Reggae, Folk and Pop Music

Led by three vocalists who, together and separately, submit personal texts, supported by a fine rhythm section of Bass, Drums, Keyboards and a Violinist, the resulting harmony presents a new and unique sound on the Israeli music scene.All the band members take part in the processing and writing of the materials

Early 2011 saw the launch of the band’s debut album, “Sulema”. The album includes 13 songs comprising a collection of the material formulated during the years when the band performed together

Sulema band members:

  • Joni – Guitars & Lead Vocals
  • Yaniv Shmeltzer – Percussains & Lead Vocals
  • Ben Zuck – Guitars & Lead Vocals
  • Niki – Violin & Vocals
  • Ori “Fundi” Dekel – Keyboards & Vocals
  • Alon Rosenfeld – Bass